Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cabo San Lucas 2013

I went to Cabo San Lucas with 5 wonderful friends and we had a week of relaxation and fun.  We stayed in a room facing the beach.   It had two patios and views to die for.   We spent our time on the beach, in the pool, touring around, walking into town and playing games.  It was over the top amazing.  We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Blanco with an all inclusive package.  That means that waiters come to the beach and ask if we want anything and that is all part of the all inclusive. 

 Here is Carol Youmans trying her hand at paddle boarding .  She did great!
 Here are locals coming around to sell their wares.  They aren't allowed to come past the ropes, so we didn't have to feel like we had to buy anything.  They certainly make buying goodies very easy.  Plus it was a colorful experience.

 Here are Angela and Cris doing water aerobics.  Yes, I did it a couple of days, but I have to say, I'd rather take pictures of it.
 Flamingos were part of the resort.
 Check out the many turtles hanging out in the sun. 

Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez

 We were on the Sea of Cortez, so we got to see the sunrise.  It was coming up around 6:35, so I loved to get up and throw on some clothes and walk on the very quiet beach early in the morning.  As you can see, it was stunning. 

Our Apartment

Our penthouse apartment.  This place was perfect for us.  We got to hang out and visit.  We loved being in the same apartment.  This was an upgrade for us.  Our room had two balconies and we looked out on the Sea of Cortez.  Yes, I could get used to this life very easily.

 This is the piece of art in the entrance to our apartment.
 I was sitting on the deck, when this beautiful bird landed and let me take it's picture. 

Food, Food and More Food

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!  The food was wonderful and so easy with the all inclusive.  The day we arrived, I ordered Coconut Shrimp and fell in love with it.  I think I had it three more times during the week.  Most of our meals were outside.  The weather was perfect and you can see they had heater and blankets if it got cool.  The picture below is our last dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant.  In the backgroup (upper right) you can see the balcony of our room. 

 Here are the famous coconut shrimp!

 Please note:  This is February 19th.  It is Laurel's 30th Birthday and since I couldn't be with her, I ordered a very big margarita to celebrate for her.  Everyone gave her a big 30th toast.  3 of the women with me are from my mother's group, so they have known Laurel since she was born.  Happy Birthday Laurel.

 Crab Cakes Anyone?
 This is a picture of our Tequila tasting class.   We got to taste some very high end tequilas and I still only like tequila in a nice margarita.  Otherwise, it burns.  But, I gave it a good try.
 We had a wonderful cooking class.  I learned to cook fish with a Guajillo Chili Peppers.  I love the taste of that chili pepper and have made a couple of fish dishes with this recipe.  Yum!

Snorkeling and Whale Watching

My dear friend Linda went to one of those time share presentations and she got a free snorkeling and whale watching trip for all 6 of us.  We are all very thankful to Linda.  Someone had to do it and she endured the torture for the team. 

 This is Cris.  The two of us skipped the 65 degree water and took pictures of the others getting in the water.  This was a wonderful outting that included drinks and lunch.  Very Nice!
 Here is the famous Arch Rock



Todos Santos

Todos Santos is an artist community about 50 minutes from Cabo.  We hired a driver to take us there.  We sent the day checking out stores, galleries and eating lunch. 
Oh yes,  this is Linda and I tasting tequila at 10:30 in the morning.  What was I thinking? (Linda made me do it)

This local asked us for donations for a team uniform.  He was so sweet and he was loving using his english with us.  He was about 11 years old.  He also wanted to pose with us infront of a mosaic that we found in town. 
 Cris, Linda and I have been doing mosaics together at home, so we loved it when we found these wonderful mosaics in Todos Santos.
 We found a great restaurant for lunch.  This is a great tourist town, so they are used to gringos. 
 I had to take this picture of a closed up building.  It made me laugh. 

That is a short summary of a most amazing vacation.  Wish you could have been there.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Steve & Susan's Wedding

What a wonderful day!  Steve and Susan were glowing and not just because the temperature was 106, but because they were ready to start a new life together.  It's a joy to welcome Susan to the family.

Steve & Susan enter holding hands

Steve & Susan with the minister

The Kiss

The cake

Steve's favorite part is the cake

It's Margarita Time

Erica Steve & Kevin

Dance party

More Dancing

Claire is ready to Dance

The Smylie Family

Steve & Susan with their new family

 Now I know that this is Steve & Susan Wedding, but for some reason, I got a lot of pictures of Paige.  I just couldn't resist posting them.

OK, this one is of Z-man with Susan. He is pretty cute too.

Here I am with my new sister-in-law.

I wish both Steve and Susan a wonderful life  together!